Thank you for taking the time to complete our moderators' application form.
You’ve shown exceptional capabilities in supporting people emotionally, therefore we've promoted your status in the app to Moderator! Being a moderator will give you additional permissions to help enforce our community guidelines inside support rooms. 
In order to understand what is expected of you as a moderator, we've prepared a quick how-to guide.
This short training will provide you with everything necessary to perform as a Therapeer moderator. 

Please let us know should you need any further guidance! We are for you at
Welcome to the Therapeer moderators community :)

And here's what's next!

So you've chosen to volunteer as a Therapeer moderator.

But what will you actually do? 

Start by reviewing our community guidelines.

Then, please join our mods-only dedicated space - The Lounge! You'll find it under the 'Sessions' tab.

Being a moderator will give you additional permissions to help enforce our community guidelines inside support rooms.

Now that you are a moderator, you’ll be able to remove Peers who do not follow our community guidelines from the room.

With that comes the responsibility to do so only when appropriate, as it should be a rare occurrence.

Here's simulation showing the removal of an abusive peer by a moderator.

This clip is a simulation of the moderator’s view as a peer. In this scenario, the other peer who’s present in the room is being dismissive of the host’s problems. The peer tried reaching out to that peer asking them to cool it. Since the peer didn’t comply, the moderator issued another warning that they will remove the peer from the room. Again the peer didn’t comply, so the moderator removed the peer from the room.

To recap how to remove a peer, jump ahead to 0:44. These are the steps you should then follow:
1. Tap the 3 dots on the upper right side of the room
2. Tap “Remove a peer”
3. Select the offending peer from the popup
4. In the next screen enter details explaining why you removed them, and tap Remove
5. The peer will be immediately removed and all parties will be notified of this inside the room chat

So now that you've mastered the technical side of moderating a room, here are a few super short guides to help you deal with complex situations (please tap on the links below):

1. What to do when a community member is suicidal 

2. Are minors allowed on Therapeer? What should I do if one is present in the chat room?

3. Why sharing contact details is prohibited? 

Can other members know I'm a moderator? 

It's important for new members (and experienced ones) to identify leaders within the chat room. 

Tapping on a peer's avatar will display their profile details. If a peer is a moderator, it will be shown in their profile, like this:

The moderator badge helps members easily identify group leaders such as yourself, who keep our community engaged and safe. This badge will always appear for moderators.